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Firefighters Real Estate is a full time and full service company
that specializes in giving back Firefighters who sacrifice their
lives every day to make the world a safer place.

What’s the difference between Firefighters Real Estate and your typical agent?

  • I understand your hobbies and how those hobbies affect your home buying needs
  • I am a member of your fire family
  • I am passionate about giving back to you in the form of cold hard cash
  • I support organizations that support firefighters, first responders and their families
  • My service providers discount their services as a way to say “thank you for your service and sacrifice”.
  • By working with me, you are supporting your fellow firefighters and their families
  • My exclusive lender are active and retired firefighters that offer zero lender fees to you
  • I am paying it forward………one home at a time!

“Firefighters are a special breed that truly understands the needs of our communities and the importance of giving back.”

Vision Statement 

Imagine risking your life to save others only to fall victim of injuring yourself.  Who’s going to help you and your family get through the tough times while you’re recovering? I am focusing on an aggressive attack to raise and donate at least $500,000 to organizations that support firefighters and their families by 2027.  As a member of the fire family, I understand the commitment and passion that firefighters have towards protecting others. Being recognized and supported for the selfless job they do day in and day out comes with a price.  This is sometimes in the form of health problems, injuries or worse yet, the loss of life and how that affects the loved ones and families left behind.   Giving back to these men and women is something I am deeply passionate about.  Firefighters Real Estate is dedicated to assisting firefighters and first responders with buying and selling real estate. When you do business with Firefighters Real Estate you will receive discounts on not only your commissions but a donation will be made to the charity of your choice that supports fellow firefighters. It pays to do business with Firefighters Real Estate.

Mission Statement

Support individuals that risk their lives in order to make our world a safer place. Give back to organizations that support these individuals and their families. Paying it forward one home at a time…… 

Fire Fighters Real Estate Is Giving Back With These Programs